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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Search related journals

You can use the following forms to search for text in GPEM-related journals via Google Scholar. Google Scholar doesn't make it easy to do this perfectly, so I have employed some tricks and you still may get some false hits. This should nonetheless be useful in helping you to find and cite related work.

Artificial Life
Complex Systems
Evolutionary Computation
Genetic Prog. and Evol. Mach.
IEEE Trans. on Evol. Comp.
J. Machine Learning Research
Machine Learning


  1. Lee, i think this is great. Thanks for making this available.

    PS: i think there might be (?) a small bug in the search under Evolutionary Computation as it allways attach "transaction" to the search itself.... thought i would alert you...

  2. Thanks Nat. That's a feature, not a bug :-) I don't know of a way to make google scholar restrict results to an exact match of the publication title, and searches with "Evolutionary Computation" as the title will return many false hits, including everything in the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation. So I append "-Transactions" (the "-" is a negation operator) to exclude the Transactions results from that particular search (although you can get all and only the IEEE Transactions results by using the IEEE Transactions search field). It's not perfect but it's the best I've been able to do and it seems to work reasonably well. I had to do something similar for other titles as well, for example for "Machine Learning," which appears within the title of the Journal of Machine Learning Research.