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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SIGEVOlution Volume 3, Issue 3, is now available

I'm a little late with this post because I couldn't reach the blog from China (where I was for the 2009 World Summit on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation). Aside from the web access issues it was an interesting conference and I had a great visit in China more generally. I'm now in Tokyo where I'll visit GPEM associate editor Hitoshi Iba tomorrow, and the only web challenge appears to be in getting Blogger's menus to appear in English rather than Japanese... but I've managed.

Anyway, in the interim I have received mail from Pier Luca Lanzi informing me that the latest issue of SIGEVOlution, the SIGEVO newsletter, has just been released. It is available from http://www.sigevolution.org and features:

  • An Interview with John H. Holland with an introduction by Lashon Booker
  • It's Not Junk! by Clare Bates Congdon, H. Rex Gaskins, Gerardo M. Nava & Carolyn Mattingly
  • Car racing @ CIG-2008
  • GECCO-2009 competitions
  • New issues of journals
  • Calls & calendar

Don't be confused by the "Autumn 2008" cover date. It is indeed a new issue that just came out in June, 2009, but the volume/date correspondence has slipped (and will probably be adjusted soon).

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