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Saturday, May 5, 2012

GPEM 13(2) available online

The second issue of volume 13 of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines is now available online, containing:

"Learning local linear Jacobians for flexible and adaptive robot arm control"
by Patrick O. Stalph & Martin V. Butz

"A Markovianity based optimisation algorithm"
by Siddhartha Shakya, Roberto Santana & Jose A. Lozano

"Operator equalisation for bloat free genetic programming and a survey of bloat control methods"
by Sara Silva, Stephen Dignum & Leonardo Vanneschi

"Evolving controllers for high-level applications on a service robot: a case study with exhibition visitor flow control"
by Alex Fukunaga, Hideru Hiruma, Kazuki Komiya & Hitoshi Iba


"W. Brian Arthur: The nature of technology: what it is and how it evolves"
by Muge Ozman

"Moshe Sipper: Evolved to Win"
by Timothy Gosling

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