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Saturday, May 26, 2012

GPEM 13(3) available online

The third issue of volume 13 of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines is now available online.

This is a special issue on "Selected Papers from the European Conference on Genetic Programming." It was edited by Sara Silva and James A. Foster and it contains expanded versions of four extremely interesting papers from EuroGP-2011. This issue also includes a book review of Cameron Browne's Evolutionary Game Design.

Here is the full list of contents:

"Guest editorial: special issue on selected papers from the European conference on genetic programming"
by Sara Silva & James A. Foster

"Parallel linear genetic programming for multi-class classification"
by Carlton Downey, Mengjie Zhang & Jing Liu

"Evolutionary dynamics on multiple scales: a quantitative analysis of the interplay between genotype, phenotype, and fitness in linear genetic programming"
by Ting Hu, Joshua L. Payne, Wolfgang Banzhaf & Jason H. Moore

"The Regulatory Network Computational Device"
by Rui L. Lopes & Ernesto Costa

"A genetic programming approach to the evolution of brain–computer interfaces for 2-D mouse–pointer control"
by Riccardo Poli, Mathew Salvaris & Caterina Cinel


"Cameron Browne: Evolutionary game design, Springer briefs in computer science series"
by Amine Boumaza

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