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Friday, August 27, 2010

BibTex citations available from SpringerLink

With the new version of SpringerLink that runs the journal's website you can now get citations for articles in BibTex format, for easy inclusion in new articles prepared with LaTex. From the main page you can get to article listings through the search field or links such as Online First Articles or Current Issue. Then when you click on a particular article's title you'll get a page with the abstract and (among other things) an "EXPORT CITATION" link. Click that and then set the options as follows:

Export: Citation Only
Select Format: Plain Text
Select Citation Manager: BibTex

Then when you click "EXPORT CITATION" it will download a text file containing the citation in BibTex.

The other options should help those of you using other citation formats or citation managers, but since several people had specifically requested support for BibTex I'm quite happy to see that this is working.