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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

GPEM 21(1&2) is now available

The first/second issue of Volume 21 of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, a Twentieth Anniversary Special Issue double issue, is now available for download.

It contains:

Editorial introduction
Lee Spector

GP+EM 20th anniversary editorial
Nicholas Freitag McPhee, William B. Langdon

Genetic programming for natural language processing
Lourdes Araujo

Applications of genetic programming to finance and economics: past, present, future
Anthony Brabazon, Michael Kampouridis

Evolutionary music: applying evolutionary computation to the art of creating music
Róisín Loughran, Michael O’Neill

The impact of genetic programming in education
Nelishia Pillay

Genetic programming in the steelmaking industry
Miha Kovačič, Uroš Župerl

Cartesian genetic programming: its status and future
Julian Francis Miller

Genetic programming theory and practice: a fifteen-year trajectory
Moshe Sipper, Jason H. Moore

Genetic programming in the twenty-first century: a bibliometric and content-based analysis from both sides of the fence
Andrea De Lorenzo, Alberto Bartoli

Genetic programming and evolvable machines at 20
W. B. Langdon

Adversarial genetic programming for cyber security: a rising application domain where GP matters
Una-May O’Reilly, Jamal Toutouh

Automatic programming: The open issue?
Michael O’Neill, Lee Spector

Juan C. Burguillo: Self-organizing coalitions for managing complexity
B. Ombuki-Berman

Joseph E. Aoun: Robot-proof: higher education at the age of artificial intelligence
Rosa Leonor Ulloa-Cazarez

Inspyred: Bio-inspired algorithms in Python
Alberto Tonda

Software review: the GPTIPS platform

Acknowledgment to reviewers (2019)
Lee Spector