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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

GPEM 23(4) is now available

The fourth issue of Volume 23 of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines is now available for download.

This issue includes papers in the Special Issue on Evolutionary Computation in Art, Music and Design.

It contains:

A novel tree-based representation for evolving analog circuits and its application to memristor-based pulse generation circuit
by Xinming Shi, Leandro L. Minku, and Xin Yao

Using estimation of distribution algorithm for procedural content generation in video games
by Arash Moradi Karkaj and Shahriar Lotfi

Complexity and aesthetics in generative and evolutionary art
by Jon McCormack and Camilo Cruz Gambardella

Experiments in evolutionary image enhancement with ELAINE
by João Correia, Daniel Lopes, Leonardo Vieira, Nereida Rodriguez-Fernandez, Adrian Carballal, Juan Romero and Penousal Machado

Melanie Mitchell: Artificial intelligence—a guide for thinking humans
by Didem Özkiziltan

Machado, Romero and Greenfield (editors): Artificial intelligence and the arts
by Anna Jordanous

The evolution of complexity
by Emily Dolson

Ying Bi, Bing Xue, Mengjie Zhang: Genetic programming for image classification—an automated approach to feature learning
by Amelia Zafra

GPEM 23(3) is now available

The third issue of Volume 23 of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines is now available for download

This is a Special Issue on Highlights of Genetic Programming 2021 Events, edited by Leonardo Trujillo, Nuno Lourenço, Ting Hu, and Mengjie Zhang.

It contains:

Editorial Introduction
by Leonardo Trujillo, Ting Hu, Nuno Lourenço, and Mengjie Zhang

Interpretability in symbolic regression: a benchmark of explanatory methods using the Feynman data set
by Guilherme Seidyo Imai Aldeia and Fabrício Olivetti de França

Evolutionary approximation and neural architecture search
by Michal Pinos, Vojtech Mrazek, and Lukas Sekanina

Applying genetic programming to PSB2: the next generation program synthesis benchmark suite
by Thomas Helmuth and Peter Kelly

Severe damage recovery in evolving soft robots through differentiable programming
by Kazuya Horibe, Kathryn Walker, Rasmus Berg Palm, Shyam Sudhakaran, and Sebastian Risi

A grammar-based GP approach applied to the design of deep neural networks
by Ricardo H. R. Lima, Dimmy Magalhães, Aurora Pozo, Alexander Mendiburu, and Roberto Santana