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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Open Choice

As per our discussion in our recent editorial board meeting, our current model for open access publishing, "Open Choice," is described here.

Renewed Advisory Board and Associate Editors

I am delighted to announce that our Advisory Board has been renewed and now contains the following senior members of our community (with an asterisk marking each new role):

* Wolfgang Banzhaf (on Advisory Board as well as Founding Editor)
* Stephanie Forrest (new to board)
David Goldberg
Erik Goodman
John Koza
* Marc Schoenauer (elevation from regular board member)
* Andy Tyrrell (elevation from Associate Editor)

I am also quite excited about the renewal/expansion of the Associate Editors, including the addition of a new Thematic Area Editor for Software Engineering:

James A. Foster (Area Editor for Life Sciences)
* Mark Harman (new to board, Area Editor for Software Engineering, which is a new Thematic Area)
Hitoshi Iba
Krzysztof Krawiec
William B. Langdon (Resource Review Editor)
Julian Miller
* Alberto Moraglio (elevation from regular board member)
Una-May O’Reilly (Area Editor for Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery)
* Lukas Sekanina (elevation from regular board member)
Moshe Sipper (Area Editor for Games)
Stephen Smith
Terence Soule
Marco Tomassini
* Martin Trefzer (elevation from regular board member)
Leonardo Vanneschi