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Saturday, July 23, 2011

GPEM 12(3) [SI: Evolvable Hardware Challenges] now available online

The third issue of volume 12 of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines is now available online, with articles listed below. This is a big and exciting one, the special issue on Evolvable Hardware Challenges, edited by Pauline Haddow. Note also that the introduction and two of the other articles are available for free under open access.

"Introduction: special issue on evolvable hardware challenges"
by Pauline C. Haddow

"Challenges of evolvable hardware: past, present and the path to a promising future"
by Pauline C. Haddow & Andy M. Tyrrell

"An evolved anti-jamming adaptive beamforming network"
by Jason D. Lohn, Jonathan M. Becker & Derek S. Linden

"The evolution of standard cell libraries for future technology nodes"
by James Alfred Walker, James A. Hilder, Dave Reid, Asen Asenov, Scott Roy, Campbell Millar & Andy M. Tyrrell

"Hardware spiking neural network prototyping and application"
by Seamus Cawley, Fearghal Morgan, Brian McGinley, Sandeep Pande, Liam McDaid, Snaider Carrillo & Jim Harkin

"The route to a defect tolerant LUT through artificial evolution"
by Asbjoern Djupdal & Pauline C. Haddow

"Formal verification of candidate solutions for post-synthesis evolutionary optimization in evolvable hardware"
by Zdenek Vasicek & Lukas Sekanina

Software Review: "Open BEAGLE: a generic framework for evolutionary computations"
by Dmitry Batenkov

Book Review: "Sean Luke: essentials of metaheuristics"
by Michael Lones