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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Applications of Genetic Programming

An oft posed question is how much is genetic programming used, "for real"? https://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/gp-html/jaws30_reply.html Today, although many papers propose new types of GP, most are about applying GP.  Many papers use real world datasets to show how good a novel form of GP is or to compare GP and other AI approaches.   Instead lets concentrate upon papers where GP is just being used and the application itself is the important thing.

Of course most industrialists are not interested in papers.  Indeed they may have sound commercial reasons for not publicising their results or even what they are interested in. Which always means numbers based on published work will be an underestimate.

Nonetheless, taking data for 2023 in the genetic programming bibliography https://gpbib.cs.ucl.ac.uk/ today as typical, about 38% (pm 5%) of papers are on applications.  About a quarter of all GP papers are on: Medicine, Civil Engineering or Material Science, often with an environmental or sustainability emphasis.

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